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Cartoon Penguin Pingki and Pengko Wallpaper

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Five years ago, on a Christmas eve, an old legend had come true. The legend tells a story of a newborn baby on the night where PINK snow would fall. This new born will bring peace and harmony to the land. That Christmas eve, pink snow had actually fallen on Penguin Village and a baby girl was born. Her name is Pingki. Pingki believes in pink shade of true love and is blessed with small things in life. She loves everything cherry, such as, Cherry Jubilee, Cherry Mousse Cake, and Cherry Puding. On Pingki's third birthday, a once in a lifetime occurance had happened. A boy named Pengko had moved in right next door to Pingki. Fell in love at the very first sight of Pengko, Pingki and Pengko's love makes Penguin Village a more dreamy place to live in.

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