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Flash Screen has thousands of free holiday wallpapers, for the 2012 New Year Wallpaper, 2012 Valentine's Day, Easter Day, April Fool's Day Wallpaper and so on.

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2011 Christmas Wallpapers

2011 Christmas is coming, Christmas Day is a holiday generally observed on December 25. Our Christmas Holiday Wallpapers are organized loosely by theme as "Santa Claus", "Cartoony Christmas Wallpaper", "Classic Art", "Snowman", "Candles", "Merry Xmas", "Christmas Tree" etc.

If you want to quit alone and find some lovers for Christmas, iPhone Dating Apps, Christmas Cards Creating Apps Christmas Theme iPhone Games for you!

Not only have we kept providing numerous of high quality iPhone wallpapers, we also edit gorgeous and well designed groups for you to appetite. As 2011 Christmas Day is up coming, iPhone HD Wallpapers provide thousands of 2011 Christmas wallpapers for your iPhone, including Christmas Ideas, Christmas Cards, Christmas Gifts, Christmas Wreaths, Christmas Bells and much more. Besides, our website also provides several amazing stylish 2011 Christmas wallpaper for you to light up your iPhone. Including Best 18 Adorable Christmas Cartoon Wallpapers from Cartoon Movies, Weird Christmas Wallpaper, Splendid Christmas Scenery Wallpaper, Creative Simple and Original Style Christmas Wallpaper.

Christmas is coming and many people want the celebration start from the Christmas wallpaper for iPad, Santa Claue Flying with Reindeer iPad Wallpapers, New Christmas Gifts Sending Ways Wallpaper, 3D Cute Christmas Wallpapers, Unusual Christmas Wallpapers Refresh Your Eyes, Fine Christmas Wallpapers Lead You to the Veritable Fairyland can satisfy your demands.

2012 New Year Wallpapers

We wish you a happy new year on the end of 2011, 2012 is about to come, it’s time to change your desktop theme as something new, New Year wallpapers are perfect choice, they will enrich the festival atmospheres, so free download these HD holiday wallpapers and set

What’s more, there are barely 20 days left before the year is over. That is to say, we have finally entered the last month of the year. In this festive feeling we adorn our homes and offices with different New Year decorations and background wallpapers. In fact New Year iPhone wallpapers, screensavers and pictures are the perfect way to bring the mood of the New Year to your work place and home. For the most lively and worldwide festival, a splendid collection of 2012 New Year Wallpaperis ready for you. And the best way to give your iPhone a festival feast is to download the New year Recipes iPhone Wallpaper. Appreciate and choose free wallpapers on 2012 New Year for your iPhone.

Finally, the 2012 New Year comes. It is the time to send your best wishes to your beloved ones. Here we provide you a group of Best Wishes for New Year 2012 Wallpaper Collection for You, besides, we have the coolest design iPad wallpaper, Intoxicating Fire Burning Effect Letters A-Z Wallpapers Collection You Have Never Seen, enjoy these fantastic wallpapers and welcome the New Year 2012.

2012 New Year is really already here now. What kind of January Calendar wallpaper do you want to decorate your desktop? We provide a collection of Stupendous Sexy Celebrity 2012 January Calendar Wallpaper for you. And you must love it! Besides, there is another group of Sexy Anime Girls Wallpapers for spice up your desktop. Enjoy yourself.

New Year 2012 holiday is arriving and it is time for some fun and joy, and to add some happiness to your iPad with these Super Cute Cartoon January 2012 Calendar Wallpapers, if you still want more joy, we have prepared you 2012 Most Anticipated Films Wallpaper Collection for iPad, follow the guide of the movie poster wallpapers to choose your favorite movie.

The arrival of New Year 2012 has caused a stir in the hearts of everyone and we also get New Year 2012 wallpapers ready for you. Best Cartoon New Year Wallpapers Collection, 14 Splendid Castle Wallpapers Leading You to 2012, 20 Twinkling Stars Wallpapers Lighten the Whole New Year 2012, Let the New Year Bloom on your Hands are dedicated for you.

2012 Valentine’s Day Wallpapers

Valentine's Day is annual commemoration held on February 14 celebrating love and affection between intimate companions. Here we provide rich Valentine's Day wallpapers for you and your lovers. Put an amazing lovers holiday wallpaper as your computer background, to decorate this romantic Valentine, check wallpapers on Flash Screen and free download them to your desktop.

No matter you are single or in love, we sure that you are looking forward the Valentines Day. In order to feeling the true love between lovers, our iPhone HD wallpapers gets two stunning groups for iPhone users. First one is Romantic and Well Designed Anime Lovers Wallpaper, and the other one is Heart-Beating Valentine Red Hearts iPhone Wallpapers. They are perfectly letting you love the festival.

Flash Screen collect kinds of holidays for you, you can choose from Western holiday wallpapers like thanksgiving holiday wallpapers, Jewish holiday wallpapers, Hindu festival wallpapers, Muslim holiday wallpapers, father holiday wallpapers, Buddhist and Jain festival wallpapers, mother holiday wallpapers, Halloween holiday wallpapers, Christmas holiday wallpapers, Easter holiday wallpapers, lovers’ holiday wallpapers, New Year holiday wallpapers, April fools holiday wallpapers and etc… we also collect some Chinese holiday wallpapers for you, such as Chinese new year holiday wallpapers, Chinese Valentine's holiday wallpapers and etc…

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, we would like to share with you people some of the exquisite, creative, fine designed wallpapers to spread some love and thoughts on your iPad. Today we prepared you Eatable Hearts Valentine's Day Wallpaper Water Your Mouth

Eternal Love Warm Your Little World Valentine's Day Wallpaper, enjoy the romantic wallpapers and choose one for you iPad.

Apart from the exciting holidays wallpaper, the romantic Valentine's Day is around the corner. In order to present you the best wallpapers for your celebration, we have prepared Valentine wallpapers for love season, Exquisite Valentine's Day Wallpapers Singles Dare not See, Animal Couples Celebrate Valentine's Day Wallpapers for you. Enjoy the extrodinary wallpapers and add some romantic atmosphere to your iPad.

Flash Screen provide varies of screen resolutions for wallpapers, you can find any size you like on our Flash Screen. Such as most common size 1024x768, and the widescreen form 1440x900, other resolution like 1152x864 wallpapers, 1600x1200 Wide wallpapers, 1920x1440 Wide wallpapers, 1280x800 Wide wallpapers, 1680x1050 Wide wallpapers, 1920x1200 Wide wallpapers, 2560x1600 Wide wallpapers, 852x480 HD Wallpapers, 1280x720 HD Wallpapers, 1366x768 HD Wallpapers, 1920x1080 HD Wallpapers, 2560x1440 HD Wallpapers, 480x272 PSP Wallpapers, 960x544 PSV Wallpapers, 640 x960 iPhone 4 Wallpapers etc…

As the Holiday season ( 2011 Christmas and New Year 2012 ) ahead, iPad users may want to change the iPad screen wallpaper. We have arranged awesome and extrodinary holiday iPad wallpapers.

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You can decorate your desktop with our Flash Screen holiday wallpapers, the holiday pictures support many devices, such as PC, iPhone and iPad. Do not forget share the holiday wallpapers with your friends in you Facebook account.


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